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Hiflyer - two entries have a w: -- Jesus Christ and Skull and Bones, I think the style under help has a different format for links to Wikimedia - will look for it under Editing help (right next to cancel when editing) and make changes - If I find format before you do, that is...rob chamberlin 07:12, 29 Jan 2005 (UTC)


Hiflyer - I removed the :w: in the entries mentioned and that cleaned up the links. I think the new form for links to internal wiki do not require the :w: anymore. I need to play with this in the sandbox myself before I figure it out. Gosh are you ever busy. But you do good work. I suspect I am older than you, but very new to the Wiktionary edit league, so pardon me if I look over your shoulder from time to time. Cheers,rob chamberlin 07:41, 29 Jan 2005 (UTC)
:::Hi Rob. I'm new here as well, and just getting the feel of the editing process. I find the best thing is to read up all you can and then jump in and have a go. The other people in here, especially the more regular 'players,' are too happy to micro-manage the entries.

That's what we do! It's all fair game until the word is agreed upon to the extent that no one makes any more edits to it and gets on with the next page. I value the input of every single person, and I would hope you have as much fun in here as I have had. I'm sure I'll find some things to do with your entries as well. And if you can explain your positions on the 'talk:' pages, then many times the items will change back to your original post. Oh well, back to work ;-)) or I mean back to learning... "AJ" --HiFlyer 17:33, 29 Jan 2005 (UTC)