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There isn't even an entry for "prophesize" It's "non-standard," because it's not a real word. People only use it because they're ignorant. According to the The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993.:

"prophesize" is Substandard, apparently an error caused by a feeling that prophesy needs a suffix to be a real verb. To say or write prophesize is a shibboleth.
Because of the Wiki foundation's stated NPOV goals, Wiktionary is a descriptive effort, and as such, the measure of whether or not a word is "real" is whether it can be found in use. Please reference our Criteria for Inclusion for guidelines. Use of the term "non-standard" is preferable to "sub-standard" in support of NPOV. Any counterindications for use are normally added to the "usage notes" header for an article; in this case, since the term is only in the "related terms" list, the "non-standard" indication seems adequate. --Jeffqyzt 16:16, 18 December 2006 (UTC)