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"Retronym" sounds quite elegantly in English, but is a "bastard word" combining both Greek and Latin elements, and therefore unsatisfactory to pedants. A purer term would be something like "palinonym"; and "πάλιν" would also be much closer than "retro" to the (historical rather than locative) sense required. A reference to this in Wiktionary might be useful, might it not?

"Retronym" is quite a permissible term formation; the remark that it is a Latin-Greek hybrid - while in the various -onyms (synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, etc.) both components are of Greek origin - falls under the "intenational" principle of consistency of term formation (ISO 704). On the other hand, palinonym and palinonymy are quite appropriate and in accordance with the above principle. Furthermore, palinonym and palinonymy would agree with the modern Greek terms παλινώνυμο [palinónimo] and παλινωνυμία [palinonymía] which are currently under discussion as candidate Greek terms equivalent to retronym and retronymy. Έκτωρ 13:40, 3 June 2011 (UTC)