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Blend of Tasmanian +‎ Glaswegian. Royal Australian Navy slang from about 1930.


Taswegian (plural Taswegians)

  1. (Australia, navy, slang) A Tasmanian seaman.
  2. (Australia, humorous, sometimes pejorative) An inhabitant of Tasmania.
    • 2005, Beverly Walton, Watermarks: A Tasmanian Journal[1], page 25:
      The town is filled with lovely, lovely Taswegians, the kindest and most generous people I have ever met.
    • 2009, Justine Vaisutis, Australia, Lonely Planet, page 32,
      The new year is also vigorously celebrated further south during the Hobart Summer Festival (p646), when Taswegians stuff themselves with food, wine and song.
    • 2011, Teri Louise Kelly, Punktuation[2], page 57:
      That was when I learned that every Taswegian worth his salt carries an axe in his boot and, more often than not, two in case of axe-less friends.