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From the name of a famous horse market in London, established in 1766 by Richard Tattersall, also used as the headquarters of credit betting on English horse races.


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Tattersalls (uncountable)

  1. (Britain) A rendezvous at most British racecourses, provided by a company of auctioneers
    • 1857, The Irish metropolitan magazine (page 328)
      [] the professional betting-man, who has no other occupation, and never misses a race-meeting, or a Tattersall's []
    • 2004 "Sports Ticket"
      Tattersalls, adjacent to the County Stand, has no seating but stepped terracing and a large tarmac area down to the rails.
    • 2006 J. A. Mangan, "A sport-loving society: Victorian and Edwardian middle-class England at play‎"
      In Manchester the Post Office Hotel was its equivalent to Tattersalls, with entry likewise by subscription but a distinct absence of gentry and aristocratic members []
    • 2006 Robert Lynd, "The Sporting Life And Other Trifles‎"
      For three pounds you get a badge — a brown, green, yellow and white shield — that admits you to the grand stand, Tattersalls and the paddock, []