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This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


This template may be used in Wiktionary entries to format quotations from the two earliest known versions of William Shakespeare's Hamlet:

The template creates a link to online versions of the works at Google Books.


The template takes the following parameters:

  • |version= – use |version=Q2 to quote from the Second Quarto. For the First Quarto, either use |version=Q1 or omit the parameter.
  • |1= or |act= – the act number of the play quoted from in uppercase Roman numerals.
  • |2= or |scene= – the scene number of the play quoted from in lowercase Roman numerals. As the works do not have act and scene numbers, look up the act and scene numbers from a modern edition of the play.
  • |3= or |url=mandatory in some cases: as the works do not have page numbers, you must specify the URL of the webpage of the online version of the work quoted at Google Books to link to. This parameter must be specified for the template to link to the work.
  • |line= or |lines= – the line number(s) to be quoted, from a modern edition of the play.
  • |4= or |passage= – the passage to be quoted.
  • |5= or |translation= – a translation of the passage into contemporary English.
  • |brackets= – use |brackets=on to surround a quotation with brackets. This indicates that the quotation either contains a mere mention of a term (for example, "some people find the word manoeuvre hard to spell") rather than an actual use of it (for example, "we need to manoeuvre carefully to avoid causing upset"), or does not provide an actual instance of a term but provides information about related terms.


  • Wikitext: {{RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet Q1-2|version=Q2|act=IV|scene=vii|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=jtBcAAAAcAAJpg=PT85|passage=[T]hat we would doe / We ſhould doe when we would: for this would changes, / And hath abatements and delayes as many, / As there are tongues, are hands, are accedents, / And then this ſhould is like a '''ſpend thrift'''s ſigh, / That hurts by eaſing; {{...}}}}
  • Result:

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