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From Anglo-Norman translacioun, from Old French translacion (transfer, translation), from Latin trānslātiō (transfer), from trans- (across), + lātiō (carrying), from lātus, perfect passive participle of irregular verb ferō (compare transfer), + noun of action suffix -iō.


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  • IPA(key): /trænzˈleɪʃən/


translation (countable and uncountable, plural translations)

  1. (uncountable) The act or (countable) an act of translating, in its various senses:
    1. The conversion of text from one language to another.
    2. The conversion of something from one form or medium to another.
    3. (physics) A motion or compulsion to motion in a straight line without rotation or other deformation.
    4. (genetics) The process whereby a strand of mRNA directs assembly of amino acids into proteins within a ribosome.
    5. (physics, mathematics) A transfer of motion occurring within a gearbox.
    6. The conveyance of something from one place to another, especially:
      1. (Christianity) An ascension to Heaven without death.
      2. (Christianity) A transfer of a bishop from one diocese to another.
      3. (Christianity) A transfer of a holy relic from one shrine to another.
      4. (medicine) A transfer of a disease from one body part to another.
  2. (countable) The product or end result of an act of translating, in its various senses.

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From Latin trānslātiō.


translation f (plural translations)

  1. (mathematics, physics) translation
  2. (computing) thunking

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translation c

  1. (mathematics, physics) translation