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From Latin rotationem, accusative of rotatio.


rotation (plural rotations)

  1. (chiefly uncountable) The act of turning around a centre or an axis.
    • 2013 March 1, Frank Fish, George Lauder, “Not Just Going with the Flow”, American Scientist, volume 101, number 2, page 114: 
      An extreme version of vorticity is a vortex. The vortex is a spinning, cyclonic mass of fluid, which can be observed in the rotation of water going down a drain, as well as in smoke rings, tornados and hurricanes.
    The earth's rotation about its axis is responsible for its being slightly oblate rather than a sphere.
  2. A single complete cycle around a centre or an axis.
    Earth's moon completes a rotation every twenty-seven days or so.
  3. A regular variation in a sequence.
    crop rotation
    The medical resident finished a two-week rotation in pediatrics and began one in orthopaedics.
  4. (mathematics) An isometry that fixes precisely one point.
    The function mapping (x,y) to (−y,x) is a rotation.
  5. (baseball) The set of starting pitchers of a team.
  6. (aviation) The step during takeoff when the pilot commands the vehicle to lift the nose wheel off the ground during the takeoff roll.


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Latin rotationem, accusative of rotatio.


rotation f (plural rotations)

  1. rotation



rotation c

  1. act of turning a physical object or a coordinate system around a center or an axis