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coordinate system (plural coordinate systems)

  1. (geometry, mathematical analysis) A method of representing the position of any individual point in a space of given dimensionality as a tuple of numerical coordinates.
    • 1992, D. H. Maling, Coordinate Systems and Map Projections, 2nd Edition, Pergamon Press, page 27,
      In this chapter we review some of the fundamental ideas about the plane coordinate systems which are used in surveying and mapping, both from the viewpoint of studying the mathematics of map projections and the practical tasks which arise in cartography.
    • 2003, Vejapong Juttijudata, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Squire's Coordinate System and Its Low-dimensional Model of Channel Turbulence, Cornell University, page 22,
      Note that the orientation of Squire's coordinate system relative to the physical coordinate system is changing as a function of wavenumbervector.
    • 2008, Bruce K. Donaldson, Analysis of Aircraft Structures, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press, page 38,
      In Chapter 1 the choice of the origin and orientation of the analysis Cartesian coordinate system was made arbitrarily. [] Note that nothing was said about the origins of the above two Cartesian coordinate systems.


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