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Alternative forms[edit]


From trānsferō ‎(transfer, carry over) (past participle stem translāt- or trālāt-). + abstract noun suffix -io-ion.”



trānslātiō f ‎(genitive trānslātiōnis); third declension

  1. Translation, in the broadest sense: the process of transferring or carrying something over from one thing to another; in particular:
    1. Translation of text from one language to another
    2. A transfer from a literal to a figurative meaning; a metaphor (compare the Ancient Greek μεταφορά with the same senses)


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative trānslātiō trānslātiōnēs
genitive trānslātiōnis trānslātiōnum
dative trānslātiōnī trānslātiōnibus
accusative trānslātiōnem trānslātiōnēs
ablative trānslātiōne trānslātiōnibus
vocative trānslātiō trānslātiōnēs



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