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Alternative forms[edit]


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body part (plural body parts)

  1. (anatomy) Any part of an animal organism, such as an organ, limb or extremity.
    • 1985, Experimental aging research, Volume 11
      Eighteen of the Alzheimer elderly were able to identify at least ten body-parts.
    • 1997, Gerald Thorn, Phil Embleton, Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding
      HEAVY DUTY The low-set, high-intensity system (1 to 3 sets per bodypart) was popularized by Dr. Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus equipment.
    • 2005, Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove, The new rules of lifting, page 27
      Bodybuilders love to talk about their routines for this body part or that bodypart
    • 2010, Buck Tilton, Wilderness First Responder, page 107
      The detached body part should be quickly irrigated to remove contaminants.
  2. Any part of the body of a vehicle.