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This template generates definitions for acronyms.


This template is used to format properly an acronym. The word or words may or may not have direct or indirect links. If a term does not exist in Wiktionary and is not an appropriate entry, the link may go to Wikipedia. Following parameters exist:

Parameter Description Notes
dot If exist, there will be no period at the end optional
lang Determines the language defaults to "en"
Word Code Result Notes
AANT {{acronym of|[[automobile|Automobile]] [[association|Association]] of the [[Northern Territory]]|dot=|lang=en}} Acronym of Automobile Association of the Northern Territory links to words only
GUI {{acronym of|graphical user interface|lang=en}} Acronym of graphical user interface. link to Wiktionary
NATO {{acronym of|w:North Atlantic Treaty Organization|North Atlantic Treaty Organization|lang=en}} Acronym of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. link to Wikipedia
OMC {{acronym of|Organização Mundial do Comércio|lang=pt}} Acronym of Organização Mundial do Comércio. in Portuguese

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