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Use this template to show the inflection of Chamorro adjectives.

The template adds the entry to Category:Chamorro adjectives. As with other Wiktionary part of speech templates, please do not use subst:.


Parameter Meaning Default value (if left unspecified)
m Masculine form Page title.
f * Feminine form Same as masculine form.
pl Plural Not set by default.
mpl * Masculine plural Same as pl parameter if set, or Masculine form + s otherwise.
fpl * Feminine plural Same as pl parameter if set, or Feminine form + s

(* parameter names feminine, masculine plural, and feminine plural are also accepted for f, mpl, fpl, respectively, for backwards compatibility)

The sort parameter allows a sort-key to be added.


On "fred":

{{ch-adj | f=freda | fpl=fredes}}
fred m (feminine freda, masculine plural freds, feminine plural fredes)

On "elegant":

elegant mf (plural elegants)

On "formal":

{{ch-adj | pl=formals}}
formal m (feminine formal, masculine plural formals, feminine plural formals)

On "parlador":

{{ch-adj | f=parladora | mpl=parladors | fpl=parladores}}
parlador m (feminine parladora, masculine plural parladors, feminine plural parladores)