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da-verb (imperative {{{1}}}, infinitive at da-verb, present tense {{{3}}}, past tense {{{4}}}, perfect tense {{{5}}} {{{6}}})

This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.

This template should be in the headword line of Danish verbs. It takes up to 6 unnamed parameters and one named:

  1. The imperative form.
  2. The infinitive form. Defaults to the name of the entry.
  3. The present form. If r or er, is interpreted as the imperative with r or er appended, respectively.
  4. The past form. If te, de or ede, is interpreted as the imperative form with te, de or ede appended, respectively.
  5. The present tense of the auxiliary verb, i.e. har or er.
  6. The past participle. If t or et, interpreted as the imperative with t or et appended.
  • dc=1: for when consonant doubling is in effect.