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(if sort= is missing or blank, then allow {{DEFAULTSORT:...}} to do its work, rather than hard-coding a sort-position of {{PAGENAME}})
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-->{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||[[Category:Greek adverbs|{{{sort|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{NAMESPACE}}||{{#if:{{{sort|}}}|[[Category:Greek adverbs|{{{sort}}}]]|[[Category:Greek adverbs]]}}}}<!--

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This template is used to display the headword line for the lemma forms of Greek adverbs.

Other templates:
{{el-adv-form}} the headword-line template for the comparison forms of Greek adverbs.
{{el-form-of-adv}} the form-of template for the definition line


There are two optional named parameters:

  1. |comp= for comparative forms.
  2. |sup= for superlative forms.



  • ακόμη (akómi)