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Bureaucrats can change an account's user level. Their main tasks are making editors into administrators and setting bot flags, both of which they do following successful votes.

List of bureaucrats

User group
Name bureaucrat
Rights Special:ListGroupRights
Members (8) All, Active
Change log Special:Log/rights
Your groups Local, Global
Group list Local, Global
User Appointed
Paul G 2005.08.02
Hippietrail 2006.07.20
SemperBlotto 2007.09.21
EncycloPetey 2009.07.12
Ruakh 2012.07.22
Chuck Entz 2015.12.26
Surjection 2020.07.12
Benwing 2023.08.23

Former bureaucrats

User Appointed Revoked
Eclecticology 2003.03.17
Vildricianus 2006.08.22
Dvortygirl 2006.07.20 2018.02.28
Stephen G. Brown 2010.03.26 2022.10.06

Current bureaucrat votes