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  • Template to display declension tables for Greek adjectives, including as requested positive, comparative, relative superlative and absolute superlative forms.
  • {{el-decl-adj}} uses a number of templates which should only be accessed via this one.
  • Example:

{{el-decl-adj|stem=μητρικ|dec=ός-ή-ό}} which gives:


Variable Description Example Notes
Positive inflections and periphrastic derivations (πιο forms)
dec the appropriate declension abbreviation the available dec IDs can be found
      at Wiktionary:Greek adjective inflection-table templates
dec=ός-ή-ό Obligatory
stem the stem for positive forms (ie the lemma form without ending) stem=αύξ Obligatory
stem2 the stem with altered stress (where relevant) stem2=αυξ Optional
all πιο forms are displayed unless the variable nopio is used
nopio any value supresses output of πιο forms nopio=1 optional
posnote Any necessary notes for positive forms posnote=Vocative forms are rare optional
Comparative, relative superlative and absolute superlative
compstem Use of this variable flags output of comparative and relative superlatives compstem=πονηρότερ optional
abstem Use of this variable flags output of absolute superlative abstem=πονηρότατ optional
docnote Any necessary notes for these degrees of comparison docnote=the absolute forms are rare optional


Showing the other templates used:

   {{el-decl-adj-positive}} (table of positive forms)
   {{el-decl-adj-degrees}} (table of degrees of comparison)