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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:el-noun. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template is used to display the headword line for the lemma forms of Greek nouns.

Other templates:
{{el-noun-form}} for the inflected forms of nouns
{{el-noun-proper}} for Greek proper nouns
{{el-noun-proper-form}} for the inflected forms of proper nouns


Overrides the displayed headword. See {{head}}.
Overrides the default generated sort key. See {{head}}.
1=, g2=, g3= ...
The gender. Can be m, f or n (c should no longer be used)
Use m-p, etc for plurals.
For multi-gender nouns:
when definitions vary with gender like σαρκοφάγος(sarkofágos), use - and {{sense}}.
when definitions don't vary with gender like καπνοδόχος(kapnodóchos) g2= for least common gender.
2=, p2=, p3= ...
* The nominative plural form of the word.
* If the word has no plural, use unc for uncountable.
* If the word is indeclinable/invariable, use ind (the old code inv continues to work, but is discouraged.)
m=, m2=, m3= ...
Masculine equivalent form(s).
f=, f2=, f3= ...
Feminine equivalent form(s).
n=, n2=, n3= ...
Neuter equivalent form(s).


Template syntax Template output
{{el-noun|m|φύλακες}}   x   φύλακας (fýlakasm (plural φύλακες)
{{el-noun|m|δάσκαλοι|f=δασκάλα}}   x   δάσκαλος (dáskalosm (plural δάσκαλοι, feminine δασκάλα)
{{el-noun|f|δασκάλες|m=δάσκαλος}}   x   δασκάλα (daskálaf (plural δασκάλες, masculine δάσκαλος)
{{el-noun|m}}   x   φύλακας (fýlakasm
{{el-noun|m|ακέραιοι αριθμοί|head=[[ακέραιος]] [[αριθμός]]}}   x   ακέραιος αριθμός (akéraios arithmósm (plural ακέραιοι αριθμοί)
{{el-noun|m|inv}}   x   φύλακας (fýlakasm (indeclinable)
{{el-noun|m|ind}}   x   φύλακας (fýlakasm (indeclinable)
{{el-noun|m|unc}}   x   φύλακας (fýlakasm (uncountable)