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el-noun ?

This template is used to display the headword line for the lemma forms of Greek nouns.

Other templates:
{{el-noun-form}} for the inflected forms of nouns
{{el-noun-proper}} for Greek proper nouns
{{el-noun-proper-form}} for the inflected forms of proper nouns


Overrides the displayed headword. See {{head}}.
Overrides the default generated sort key. See {{head}}.
1=, g2=, g3= ...
The gender. Can be m, f or n (c should no longer be used)
Use m-p, etc for plurals.
For multi-gender nouns:
when definitions vary with gender like σαρκοφάγος (sarkofágos), use - and {{sense}}.
when definitions don't vary with gender like καπνοδόχος (kapnodóchos) g2= for least common gender.
2=, p2=, p3= ...
* The nominative plural form of the word.
* If the word has no plural, use unc for uncountable.
* If the word is indeclinable/invariable, use ind (the old code inv continues to work, but is discouraged.)
m=, m2=, m3= ...
Masculine equivalent form(s).
f=, f2=, f3= ...
Feminine equivalent form(s).
n=, n2=, n3= ...
Neuter equivalent form(s).


Template syntax Template output
{{el-noun|m|φύλακες}}   x   φύλακας m (plural φύλακες)
{{el-noun|m|δάσκαλοι|f=δασκάλα}}   x   δάσκαλος m (plural δάσκαλοι, feminine δασκάλα)
{{el-noun|f|δασκάλες|m=δάσκαλος}}   x   δασκάλα f (plural δασκάλες, masculine δάσκαλος)
{{el-noun|m}}   x   φύλακας m
{{el-noun|m|ακέραιοι αριθμοί|head=[[ακέραιος]] [[αριθμός]]}}   x   ακέραιος αριθμός m (plural ακέραιοι αριθμοί)
{{el-noun|m|inv}}   x   φύλακας m (indeclinable)
{{el-noun|m|ind}}   x   φύλακας m (indeclinable)
{{el-noun|m|unc}}   x   φύλακας m (uncountable)