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fa-noun (transliteration needed)


The template fa-noun is used exclusively for Persian nouns. It has one mandatory field:

It has three other optional parameters that should be used only if required.

  • head=, the head word(s).
  • pl=, the plural of the noun.
  • pl2=, the second plural of the noun, use only if the first plural is already specified.

Many transliterations of plurals are given automatically by the template (provided that the transliteration of the headword is given with tr=). If the plural ends simply in ها (-hâ) (with or without the zero-width non-joiner), ـان (-ân), یان (-yân), or ـات (-ât), the transliteration of the plural form will be given automatically. Due to the limitations of the mechanism by which this process works, there are several exceptions for which transliterations of the plurals must be specified by the user.

Transliterations for Arabic broken-plurals, plurals ending in ـگان (-gân) and those of words ending in ـو (-u) and ـی (-i) whose plurals are pronounced ـوان (-ovân) and ـیان (-iyân), respectively, must be specified with pltr= or pl2tr=.

Transliterations of multi-word plurals like قوهای سیاه (qu-hâ-ye siyâh) must also be entered by the user.


For اسلام‌گرا