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This template is only used for Old French nouns with a distinct masculine and a feminine form. Nouns such as mouton which are always masculine, or dame which are always feminine use {{fro-noun}}.

fro-decl-noun always appears under the header ====Declension==== because it is a table, not a single line.

The parameters all have three letters:

  • ssm = subject singular masculine
  • ssf = subject singular feminine
  • osm = object singular masculine
  • osf = object singular feminine
  • spm = subject plural masculine
  • spf = subject plural feminine
  • opm = object plural masculine
  • opf = object plural feminine

The template uses {{PAGENAME}} as a default, with an -e or -s where there would normally be one. Only the irregular forms need to be specified, from the list above. For regular nouns, leave all of them above blank, see pucel for a perfect example.

The words are not automatically wikilinked, but can be wikilinked, for example by doing ssf=[[pucele]] for pucel above.


Regular noun (bergier)
Irregular noun (caitif)
Caitis replaces the default value of caitifs, caitive replaces caitife and caitives replaces caitifes

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