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This template is only used for Old French adjectives to provide a full declension

fro-decl-adj always appears under the header ====Declension==== because it is a table, not a single line. It automatically generates a full, regular inflection. To override inflections that are not regular, please use the following, with wikilinks

The parameters all have three letters:

  • ssm = subject singular masculine
  • ssf = subject singular feminine
  • ssn = subject singular neuter
  • osm = object singular masculine
  • osf = object singular feminine
  • osn = object singular neuter
  • spm = subject plural masculine
  • spf = subject plural feminine
  • spn = subject plural neuter
  • opm = object plural masculine
  • opf = object plural feminine
  • ssf = object plural neuter


Regular adjective (chier)
Irregular adjective (hastif)
Hastis replaces the default value of hastifs, hastive replaces hastife and hastives replaces hastifes

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