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This template is only used for Old French adjectives to provide a full declension

fro-decl-adj always appears under the header ====Declension==== because it is a table, not a single line. It automatically generates a full, regular inflection. To override inflections that are not regular, please use the following, with wikilinks

The parameters all have three letters:

  • ssm = subject singular masculine
  • ssf = subject singular feminine
  • ssn = subject singular neuter
  • osm = object singular masculine
  • osf = object singular feminine
  • osn = object singular neuter
  • spm = subject plural masculine
  • spf = subject plural feminine
  • spn = subject plural neuter
  • opm = object plural masculine
  • opf = object plural feminine
  • ssf = object plural neuter


Regular adjective (chier)
Irregular adjective (hastif)
Hastis replaces the default value of hastifs, hastive replaces hastife and hastives replaces hastifes
Multiple forms must include double square brackets so the template knows where one link stops and the next one starts. Please do not use {{l}} as the template {{l-self}} is part of the table. For example:
{{fro-decl-adj|ssm=pire, pyre, piere, peior}}

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