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grc-proper noun ? (indeclinable)


Used as the headline template for proper nouns in Ancient Greek.


  • |1=
    the genitive of the proper noun
  • |2=
    the gender of the proper noun (“m”, “f”, “n”, “m-p”, “f-p”, “n-p”)
  • |3=
    the declension of the proper noun (“first”, “second”, “third”)
  • |head=
    (optional) the headword if different from the page name (e.g. with breves and macrons)
  • |g2=
    (optional) a second gender
  • |gen2=
    (optional) a second genitive
  • |gen3=
    (optional) a third genitive
  • |dim=
    (optional) a diminutive

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