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Homophone: term

Use this template under the Pronunciation header to specify homophones for a terms.


(Required) The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language of the term and its homophones.
|1=, |2=, |3=...
One or more homophones to be listed.
|alt1=, |alt2=, |alt3=, ...
Link text for each of the homophones, if different from the entry name.
|tr1=, |tr2=, |tr3=, ...
If necessary transliteration for each of the hompphones, some languages are done automatically.
|q1=, |q2=, |q3=, ...
If necessary, qualifiers for each of the homophones.
The category sort key. Usually not needed.


In the English entry for two:

* {{homophones|lang=en|to|too}}


When available automatic transliteration will be added, e.g. in the Greek entry βάζο (vázo):

* {{homophones|lang=el|βάζω}}


Alternatively transliteration can be added manually, as well as qualification, for each homophone listed. For in the Hebrew entry עת‎:

* {{homophones|lang=he|עֵט|tr1=et|q1=some qualifier}}