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First parameter is the form of the headword (pagename):

  • k kanji
  • kk kanji with kana following
  • h hiragana
  • ka katakana
  • r romaji
  • s shinjitai (simplified kanji)
  • ky kyūjitai (traditional kanji)

Use the last two only when it is important to show both forms, e.g. on individual characters, or when the word is archaic, and should say it is kyūjitai; most entries should be k.

Other parameters specify other forms, you do not need to wikilink them, the template will do it. If you include a parameter for the form of the headword, then it will override the headword; this is useful for having links to individual words in a phrase, as in 立入禁止.

  • hira= hiragana
  • kata= katakana
  • rom= romaji
    One of these three is required.
  • kanji= kanji
  • kyu= kyūjitai (use only if entry is s)
  • shin= shinjitai (use only if entry is ky)
  • hidx= hiragana index, only if the hiragana for the entry begins with a 濁音 ("two-dot kana") or with a 半濁音 ("one-circle-kana"), use the optional hidx parameter to index it under the corresponding 清音 ("simple kana"), if two-dot, follow the word with one apostrophe ', if circle, with two '' to maintain the sort order.