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la-adv (comparative, superlative)


This template is designed for regular Latin adverbs that are:

  • derived from 1st/2nd declension adjectives (e.g. lentē)
  • derived from 3rd declension adjectives (e.g. crēbriter)
  • lacking a comparative and superlative form (e.g. ceu)
  • irregular (e.g. bene)

Regular adverb parameters

For regular adverbs, this template takes two parameters.

|1= adverb with macrons

|2=- if there is no comparative/superlative


Irregular adverb parameters

For irregular adverbs, this template takes three parameters.

|1= full positive form, with macrons (if any)

|2= comparative form, with macrons (if any)

|3= superlative form, with macrons (if any)

|comp2=, |comp3= further comparatives, with macrons (if any)

|sup2=, |sup3= further superlatives, with macrons (if any)


  • bene (irregular)
  • facile (irregular)
  • ēlātē (irregular, with irregular comparative and regular comparative but without superlative)
  • imperiōsē (irregular, with regular comparative but without superlative)


  • If you plan to change the format or usage of the positional or keyword parameters of this template, please leave a message of the talk page of User:SemperBlottoBot so that the bot can be modified to reflect those changes.