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Learned borrowing from translingual test

This template is used to format the etymology of learned borrowings. Please only use it under the header 'Etymology'.

This template adds a category like Category:French learned borrowings from Latin, in addition to the categories added by {{borrowed}}. Category pages for this template are created by {{auto cat}}.

When to use

This template is intended specifically for learned borrowings, those that were intentionally taken into a language from another not through normal means of language contact. Thus, the English aberration was learnedly borrowed from the Latin aberrātiō, first attested 1594, well after Latin was spoken commonly, and as such classified as a learned borrowing. Compare this to the case of French penalty, which was borrowed from English almost unconsciously, due to the massive influence of English in sports world.


Same as {{borrowed}}, with an extra |nocap=1 parameter if the leading "L" should be "l" and an extra |notext=1 parameter to entirely suppress the initial text.


{{lbor|fr|la|abductiō||robbing; abduction}} (in the entry for the French word abduction) produces

Learned borrowing from Latin abductiō (robbing; abduction)

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