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oc-proper noun ?

This template is designed for the lemma of all Occitan proper nouns.


This template should be placed in all Occitan proper noun sections, immediately following the ===Proper noun=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Occitan proper nouns.

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


This template requires one unnamed parameter specifying the gender. All proper nouns should have this unnamed parameter. Compound nouns may require a named parameter in addition to the unnamed one.

If in doubt abut the gender only, omit the unnamed parameter. When parameter {{{1}}} is omitted, the entry is added to Category:Occitan nouns lacking gender. Someone else will then add the necessary parameters.

Unnamed parameter[edit]

For all proper nouns, include the following unnamed parameter:

{{{1}}} - gender of the noun; accepted values are m, f, c, and mf [1]

Simple example : Eslovènia (Slovenia) :

{{ oc-proper noun | f }}
Eslovènia f

Notes :

[1] The values c and mf are equivalent, and are used for nouns that are grammatically both masculine and feminine.

Named parameter[edit]

Most proper nouns do not require this parameter. Compound nouns may require a named parameter, as follows:

{{{head}}} - replaces the initial headword form; may be used to link components of a compound noun


  1. Simple noun - França (France) :
    {{ oc-proper noun | f }}
    França f
    Simple situation with only the unnamed parameter included.
  2. Compound noun - Copa del Mond (World Cup) :
    {{ oc-proper noun | f | head=[[copa|Copa]] [[del]] [[mond|Mond]] }}
    Copa del Mond f
    The named parameter {{{head}}} specifies the headword form. If desired, the component words may be linked directly to the Occitan language section of their respective entries, like this:
    {{ oc-proper noun | f | head=[[copa#Occitan|Copa]] [[del#Occitan|del]] [[mond#Occitan|Mond]] }}
    Copa del Mond f