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This template can be used for all Occitan verbs, although not for Occitan verb forms, which should use {{head|oc|verb form}}.


  • head, current or sg: the head word in bold. Default {{PAGENAME}}
  • sort: the sort key for Category:Occitan verbs and for any additional categories (see below)
  • {{{1}}} (first unnamed parameter): for third group verbs, the whole infinitive can be given, this categorizes in Category:Occitan third group verbs, but only when the first parameter is the same as the {{PAGENAME}}. When there is a recognizable verbal suffix, {{{1}}} represents the stem of the verb before that verbal suffix. See below.
  • {{{2}}} (second unnamed parameter): must be used only when {{{1}}} is given. The verbal suffix; the template accepts ar for Category:Occitan first group verbs, ir for Category:Occitan second group verbs and -er, -re and -r for Category:Occitan third group verbs. Third group verbs can also be specified using only the {{{1}}} parameter as explained above. This is analogous to {{es-verb}}, {{pt-verb}} and so on. When the first two parameters as a whole are not identical to the page name, the entry is put into Category:Occitan terms needing attention. This can be overridden using nocat=1. Nocat is only to be used for phrasal verbs where adding a conjugation is not desirable.




{{oc-verb|aparéisser|sort=apareisser}} or {{oc-verb|aparéiss|er|sort=apareisser}}

{{oc-verb|nocat=1|head={{l|oc|far}} {{l|oc|semblant}}}}