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Declension table template for all Polish feminine nouns with noun-like declension



The declension depends on the number of parameters and the ending of the lemma. Special declensions are created for nouns ending in -ni and -ia. For nouns where the lemma form does not end in -a, -y, -i or -e, a consonant-final declension is generated.

If two parameters are given, the normal feminine declension is always created, and ending matches are ignored; this is useful for rare nouns that end in -ia but have native declension (without geminated i in the genitive, e.g. konopia. If three or more parameters are given, they specify a consonant-final declension.

  • |1= word stem (usually optional)
  • |2= last consonant of the word or digraph, as it appears in the nominative plural
  • |3= if specified, gives the nominative plural ending for a noun ending in a consonant
  • |4= irregular nominative singular for nouns ending in a consonant

If the first and/or second parameters are omitted, they will be automatically guessed based on a list of known feminine noun endings.

The vocative singular form generated will always end in -o, which is incorrect for some female given names and nouns referring to persons, such as babunia. Use the |vocs= parameter to correct this.


If the example is in italics, it means the parameters are given only for exposition and the fully automatic form {{pl-decl-noun-f}} (with |tantum=, if necessary) will generate the correct declension in that case.

  • praca: {{pl-decl-noun-f|pra|c}}
  • budowla: {{pl-decl-noun-f|budow|l}}
  • krowa: {{pl-decl-noun-f|kro|w|genp=krów}}
  • mistrzyni: {{pl-decl-noun-f|lemma=mistrzyni}}
  • konopia: {{pl-decl-noun-f|kono|pi}}
  • skrobia: {{pl-decl-noun-f|skro|bi}}
  • mafia: {{pl-decl-noun-f|lemma=mafia}}
  • twarz: {{pl-decl-noun-f|twa|rz|e}}
  • noc: {{pl-decl-noun-f|no|c|e}}
  • otchłań: {{pl-decl-noun-f|otchła|ni|e}}
  • sól: {{pl-decl-noun-f|so|l|e|sól}}
  • brew: {{pl-decl-noun-f|br|wi||brew}}