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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:pl-pronunciation. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template automatically provides pronunciation info, such as IPA, hyphenation and rhymes, for Polish terms. The template uses Module:pl-pronunciation as a back-end, which itself uses Module:pl-IPA.

Note that this template does not automatically recognize glottal stops, -np- change, other minute details etc. Do not use the template unless you know for certain how a word is pronounced.

The hyphenation and rhymes are generated automatically as long as the supplied pronunciation is not too different from the pronunciation based on the page title alone. However, either can be also manually supplied. Rhyme syllable counts will be automatically done, and the correct order willa lso automatically be done.


The word that is to be converted. If omitted, the word is taken from the name of the current page. However, the following notes should be considered first:
  • "Pronunciation respellings" of foreign words can be supplied as a parameter here.
    • For words with exceptional stress on the third-from-last syllable (like Latinate names of disciplines, e.g. matematyka), the template will produce a pronunciation with improper (colloquial) stress. This can be corrected by adding an apostrophe in the place where the stress mark is expected.
    • For non-assimilated (not phonetically spelled) loanwords it will produce a pronunciation as if they were spelled phonetically, e.g. jury will be /ˈju.rɨ/ instead of /ʐɨˈrʲi/. In such cases, the pronunciation should be completely overwritten with the phonetic spelling: i.e. żyri.
    • The generated syllable breaks may be unnatural or even wrong. They may be respelled using ' for primary stress and . for syllable breaks. Namely, prefixed words starting with consonant clusters in the stem will be incorrect. The template will naturally try to break it as wyt.wo.rzyć, and as such should be respelled as wy.two.rzyć.
2=, 3=...
Supplies additional, alternative pronunciations. Hyphenations and rhyme data must be supplied manually using h2=, r2= etc. If supplied, hyphenation or rhyme data will only be generated automatically for the first pronunciation, and if the hyphenation or rhyme info depends on the pronunciation, they must be supplied manually with h2=, r2= and so on (see below).
a=, audio=
Adds an audio file to the pronunciation. The parameter is expected to be a full file name, including the .ogg ending, as would be supplied to Template:audio.
ac=, caption=
Customizes the caption for the audio file, which is "Audio" by default. Useful mostly for cases with multiple possible pronunciations.
q=, q2=, q3=...
Adds labels or qualifiers for pronunciations.
h=, hyphen=
This allows overriding the default generated hyphenation, or supplying a hyphenation when one isn't created automatically. Syllables are separated with ., while words (in compounds, etc.) should be separated with -. You can also supply - to hide the hyphenation.
r=, rhymes=
This allows overriding the default generated rhyme data, or supplying some when not created automatically. It must be supplied like for {{rhymes}}, in IPA characters but without including the initial hyphen. You can also supply - to hide the rhyme data.
h2=, h3=...
Alternative hyphenations, mostly for alternative pronunciations with different hyphenations.
r2=, r3=...
Alternative rhyme infos, mostly for alternative pronunciations with different final syllables.
hp=, hp2=, hp3=...
Adds labels to hyphenations, meant primarily to specify which hyphenation applies to which pronunciation.
rp2=, rp2=, rp3=...
Adds labels to rhyme information lines, meant primarily to specify which rhyming pattern applies to which pronunciation.
hh=, homophones=
Lists homophones; if there are multiple, separate the homophones with a comma (,).
hhp=, hhp2=, hhp3=...
Adds labels to homophones.
a2=, a3=...
Adds multiple audio files.
ac2=, ac3=...
Customizes captions for further audio files.
ipa=, ipa2=, ipa3=...
This supplies a custom IPA pronunciation, overriding any other supplied pronunciations. The pronunciation must include slashes or brackets. If supplied, hyphenation or rhyme data will not be generated automatically.
If set to 1, hyphenation info is omitted.
If set to 1, rhyme info is omitted.


{{pl-pronunciation|a=Pl-akcyza.ogg}} on akcyza:

  • IPA(key): /akˈt͡sɨ.za/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɨza
  • Syllabification: ak‧cy‧za

{{pl-pronunciation|prze'świad.czyć}} on przeświadczyć:

{{pl-pronunciation|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-przeżytek.wav}} on przeżytek:

  • IPA(key): /pʂɛˈʐɨ.tɛk/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɨtɛk
  • Syllabification: prze‧ży‧tek

{{pl-pronunciation|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-zaawansowany.wav}} on zaawansowany:

  • IPA(key): /za.a.van.sɔˈva.nɨ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -anɨ
  • Syllabification: za‧a‧wan‧so‧wa‧ny

{{pl-pronunciation|wy'two.rzyć|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-wytworzyć.wav}} on wytworzyć:

{{pl-pronunciation|a=Pl-niż.ogg|hh=nisz}} on niż:

{{pl-pronunciation|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-absentować się.wav|ac=Audio, ''absentować się''}} on absentować:

  • IPA(key): /ap.sɛnˈtɔ.vat͡ɕ/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɔvat͡ɕ
  • Syllabification: ab‧sen‧to‧wać

{{pl-pronunciation|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-aklimatyzować.wav|a2=LL-Q809 (pol)-Olaf-aklimatyzować się.wav|ac=Audio 1, ''aklimatyzować''|ac2=Audio 2, ''aklimatyzować się''}} on aklimatyzować:

  • IPA(key): /ak.li.ma.tɨˈzɔ.vat͡ɕ/
  • (file)
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɔvat͡ɕ
  • Syllabification: ak‧li‧ma‧ty‧zo‧wać

{{pl-pronunciation|1=ak.ro'ba.ty.ka|2=ak.ro.ba'ty.ka|a=LL-Q809 (pol)-Poemat-akrobatyka.wav|q2=colloquial}} on akrobatyka:

  • IPA(key): /ak.rɔˈba.tɨ.ka/, (colloquial) /ak.rɔ.baˈtɨ.ka/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɨka
  • Syllabification: ak‧ro‧ba‧ty‧ka