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This template should be used on pages in the Category: namespace, and automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories of a recognized type (see below). It is implemented by Module:category tree and its submodule Module:category tree/poscatboiler. It is preferable not to invoke this template directly, but to simply use {{auto cat}} (with no parameters), which will automatically invoke this template on appropriately-named category pages.

This template automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories whose name follows the format "(language name) (label)", "(language name) (label) in (script) script" and "(label) by language".

See Module:category tree/poscatboiler/data/documentation for information on how to modify the handling of specific categories. This describes the format of the data describing specific categories, which is found in Module:category tree/poscatboiler/data and its submodules.

The text of any category page using this module should simply read {{auto cat}}.
The correct way to invoke Module:category tree/poscatboiler on a given category page that it handles is through {{auto cat}}. You should not normally invoke {{poscatboiler}} directly. If you find a category page that directly invokes {{poscatboiler}}, it is probably old, from before when {{auto cat}} was created, and should be changed.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language that the category name begins with, and which the category's contents belongs to. Leave this empty for umbrella ("by language") categories.
|2= (required)
The label of the category. This is the part of the category name that follows the language name, and precedes any script name. It cannot be empty. For umbrella categories, the label should not include the following "by language" text.
The script code (see Wiktionary:Scripts), if this is a script-specific subcategory. This is used for languages whose entries are categorised separately by script. For example, a category Category:Pali nouns in Devanagari script will have |1=pi, |2=nouns and |3=Deva.
Specify this for raw categories. Raw categories have an arbitrary format and identified by special raw labels or parsed by special raw handlers. For these categories, |2= specifies the entire category name (not including the Category: prefix), and |1= and |3= are blank or omitted.

Additional parameters are allowed for some categories, depending on the particular category handler. These directly correspond to additional user-specified parameters when calling {{auto cat}}, except that numbered parameters are offset by 3 so that they start at |4= (e.g. |1= to {{auto cat}} is passed as |4= to {{poscatboiler}}, |2= to {{auto cat}} is passed as |5= to {{poscatboiler}}, etc.).