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This template is intended to show the declension of Romanian adjectives. It can automatically generate the forms of adjectives, but only operates on endings; if the stem varies, additional parameters must be used. Final consonant are also changed automatically in the masculine plural (frumosfrumoși). The feminine and neuter plural is generated as ending in -e; if it ends in -i, the first parameters should be set to i.

Optional parameters[edit]

Parameter Function
lemma The adjective to be declined, if different from the page name.
1 Set to i if the feminine plural ends in -i instead of or -e.
Set to inv if the adjective is invariable.
f, f2, ... The feminine form, if different from the generated form.
mp, mp2, ... The masculine plural form, if different from the generated form.
fp, fp2, ... The feminine and neuter plural form, if different from the generated form.
pl, pl2, ... The plural form, if all genders have the same plural. Usually, the first parameter can be set to i for the same result.


Adjective Code Notes
bun {{ro-decl-adj}} All forms are regular and generated automatically.
frumos {{ro-decl-adj|f=frumoasă}} f= parameter is used because the feminine form has a stem change. The rest of the forms are generated automatically.
mic {{ro-decl-adj|i}} fp=mici has the same result.
stângaci {{ro-decl-adj}} No parameters are needed, even though the adjective has an unusual ending.
biet {{ro-decl-adj|f=biată|fp=biete}} The feminine singular has a stem change, but the feminine plural does not. Because the feminine plural is generated from the feminine singular, the correct form needs to be specified manually.
gri {{ro-decl-adj|inv}} Invariable adjective.
viteaz {{ro-decl-adj|fp=viteze|mp=viteji}} The uncommon z-j consonant change must be specified manually.