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tr-noun (definite accusative {{{1}}}, plural {{{2}}})


This template takes two arguments.

  • 1 = Suffix added to form definite accusative form (ı, i, u, ü, yı, yi, yu, yü, nı, ni, nu or nü)
  • 2 = Suffix added to form plural absolute form (ler or lar)

Instead of 1 and 2, def-acc= and pl= or plural= can be used in the cases of nouns with consonant changes.

This will still work, but in the future, 1= can be used in place of def-acc= for the full form. If 1= ı, i, u, ü, yı, yi, yu, yü, nı, ni, nu or nü, the template will simply add this to the end of the namepage to display the correct form. If 1= anything else, this will display instead.


For top


For köpek


For hava yastığı

{{tr-noun|nı|hava yastıkları}}