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Just because one person finds a method inconvenient doesn't mean everyone does. Unicode is a standard, and its ordering matters to things like CJKV characters; also, the placement is in radical-stroke order, not "pretty much random" as you attest. Perhaps you don't know as much about these things as you think you do?

19:34, 25 June 2015

Okay, I admit that I made that statement based on an extrapolation from my observations about placement of letters in Latin and Cyrillic scripts, which at this point are decided on a "wherever it fits" basis. I realise the analogy may not carry through completely, and Unicode Inc. may even attempt to maintain some sane ordering within individual allocation ranges. I can grant you that. (Even though you cannot rely on this property on a large scale: U+20000 has fewer strokes than U+4684. From that perspective, the placement really is random.)

On the other hand, this is still not the most convenient way to browse CJK characters, given that you only have a meaningless number next to the character itself in a smallish font, and a completely nondescriptive character name of the "CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-XXXXX"…

Anyway, there are some other reasons why I decided removing all links from that appendix was an overkill after all. I restored the links in Appendix:Unicode. Still, in the future please do not create entries of the kind that I mentioned.


20:14, 25 June 2015