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Thanks a lot for running this. It's already very useful. The only thing is, there are more templates I use that I didn't mention. The list should be as follows: {{is-decl-adj-1}}, {{is-decl-adj-2}}, {{is-decl-adj-3}}, {{is-decl-adj-góður}}, {{is-decl-adj-mikill}}, {{is-decl-adj-lítill}}, {{is-decl-noun-m-s1}}, {{is-decl-noun-m-s2}}, {{is-decl-noun-m-s3}}, {{is-decl-noun-m-w1}}, {{is-decl-noun-m-w2}}, {{is-decl-noun-f-s1}}, {{is-decl-noun-f-s2}}, {{is-decl-noun-f-s3}}, {{is-decl-noun-f-w1}}, {{is-decl-noun-f-w2}}, {{is-decl-noun-n-s}}, {{is-decl-noun-n-w}}, {{is-decl-noun-maður}}, {{is-decl-noun-kona}}, {{is-decl-noun-móðir}}, {{is-decl-noun-systir}}, {{is-decl-noun-bróðir}}, {{is-decl-noun-faðir}}, {{is-decl-noun-fótur}}, {{is-decl-noun-fingur}}, {{is-conj-w1}}, {{is-conj-w2}}, {{is-conj-w3}}, {{is-conj-w4}}, {{is-conj (hafa)}}, {{is-conj (kaupa)}}, {{is-conj (vilja)}}.

11:30, 14 February 2011

I noticed that there were a bunch of variants so I ran it looking for the prefix only {{is-decl-noun, {{is-decl-adj, and {{is-conj. Hopefully all of the ones you listed will have been captured.

11:33, 14 February 2011