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The Grease Pit discussion didn't get very much attention. It might make sense to first try to get further discussion in the Beer Parlor. Or maybe since it's just a small test in a minor discussion room it wouldn't be necessary. Hm...

If you want to add it, adding wgPageName == "Wiktionary:Etymology_scriptorium" && importScript("User:Yair rand/DiscussionSandbox.js"); to Mediawiki:Common.js and adding the wikitext at the top of User:Yair rand/DiscussionSandbox to WT:ES will do it.

01:49, 15 May 2012

I tried but Mediawiki:Common.js is read-only for me.

17:03, 15 May 2012

Oh, you're not an admin, so you can't edit Mediawiki pages. I've applied the script to the Etymology Scriptorium now. Hopefully there aren't many bugs...

21:28, 17 May 2012

Thank you very much! I just have created a test sub-page and it works fine. I have also posted a note in the Beer Parlour to invite others to try it.

15:17, 19 May 2012