Threadneedle Street

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Corruption of "three needle", from the arms of the Needle-makers' Company.

Proper noun[edit]

Threadneedle Street

  1. A street in London, running from Poultry and Lombard Street to Bishopsgate; the site of the Bank of England.
  2. (Britain, economics, banking, finance) The Bank of England.
    • 2008 Thursday March 6, Eddie George defends role of FSA in Northern Rock crisis, in The Guardian
      George, known as Steady Eddie during his 10 years in charge at Threadneedle Street, said critics who attacked the Financial Services Authority were also wide of the mark.
    • 2007 December 11, Gieve’s head will not be enough to appease critics, by Patrick Hosking in The Times
      Monetary policy may not be perfect, but it has been far better handled since the responsibility for it moved from 11 Downing Street to Threadneedle Street.
    • 2002 Sunday November 10, Doing the Continental, by Faisal Islam in The Observer
      The Bank of England cut 0.25 per cent at each meeting - the same decision, spread over two months. Strip out that and Frankfurt and Threadneedle Street have been running the same policy for a year and a half.