Tony the Tiger

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Proper noun[edit]

Tony the Tiger

  1. A tiger cartoon character used by Kellogg Company to promote its Frosted Flakes (Frosties) cereal.
    • 1994, Christopher Golden, Of Saints and Shadows, page 79:
      "That so, Tony the Tiger? Then how come you're here." "Your wife sent me to ask what you wanted for breakfast, [] .
    • 1997, Jonathan Lethem, "Light and the Sufferer", in The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye, page 143:
      "Very funny", said Don, "He's harmless, he's our - what, mascot." Like Tony the Tiger. Smoke rock—it's grrrreat!"
    • 2002, Will Shetterly, "Splatter", in Neil Gaiman, ed., Sandman, page 126:
      He hesitated inside the door, then answered Hunter's glance. "I'd kind of hoped so be met by Tony the Tiger or Captain Crunch. Don't the companies give you posters or free T-shirts or free samples or anything?"
    • 2003, Janet Evanovich, One for the Money, page 752:
      If they were good enough for Tony the Tiger, they were good enough for me.


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