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Trumpy +‎ -ness


Trumpiness (uncountable)

  1. (informal) The property of being Trumpy, being like Donald Trump
    • 2016, Martin Boroson, "The Rise of Trumpiness", Huffington Post
      But if you put all these theories aside, and look instead at his personality, then something different emerges--not Trump, but Trumpiness.
    • 2016, "The increased Trump-iness of the second debate, in 2 charts", Washington Post
      The increased Trump-iness of the second debate, in 2 charts
    • 2016, Emily Jane Fox, "Trump’S D.C. Hotel is a Frightful Dump — And A Scary Metaphor For The Trump Presidency", Vanity Fair
      The overwhelming, suffocating, insurmountable Trumpiness may work at some place like Disney World, where the brand stands for decades of family-friendly, unadulterated joy.
    • 2016, Jason Sattler, "Trump finds a foe he can beat in November: Trump", Visalia Times-Delta
      If there were a cure for Trumpiness, the Koch brothers would be sneaking it into Trump’s soft drinks the way Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agents allegedly sneak polonium-210 into journalists’ cocktails.