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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of twixt (betwixt, between) +‎ Christmas.


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (slang) The period in between Christmas Day and New Year, typically December 27th–30th where Boxing Day is observed, and December 26th–30th elsewhere (i.e. the first six of the Twelve Days of Christmas).
    • 1998 December 9, dear..., “Super Savings - UK Hotels for Xmas”, in[1] (Usenet), retrieved 2023-12-27:
      Christmas / Twixmas and New Year

Usage notes[edit]

  • Used in the tourism industry when advertising holidays or events during this period.
  • came into popular usage in late 2010s and has spread since, beginning to overtake 'betwixtmas' and the traditional understanding of Christmas as including the period from December 25th to the feast of epiphany (January 6th).