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UKoGBaNIan (not comparable)

  1. (informal, humorous) Of the United Kingdom.
    • 1997 November 25, Mike Holmans <mholmans(a)>, "Re: 11 yr. old given 25 year jail sentence?", message-ID <>, alt.folklore.urban, Usenet [1]:
      I think you are referring to the UKoGBaNIan case, that of Mandy Allwood, who conceived octuplets.
    • 1998 January 5, Mark Shaw <mshaw(a)>, "Re: DAILY RECORD CROSSWORD", message-ID <68rl6c$ris$>, rec.puzzles et al., Usenet [2]:
      "Points" is UKoGBaNIan for the USAn "switches," and since Mr. Ridgway posted from a .uk address I think we can assume this "Daily Record" of his is a UKoGBaNIan newspaper.
    • 2009 April 17, Bill Kinkaid <>, "Re: Boston Tea Party do-overs", message-ID <>,, Usenet [3]:
      Here in Canada, I remember we spent a whole year on UKoGBaNIan history, and we got a good dose of Canadian history but I don't remember much at all about USAnian history.