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See also: tt, Tt, TT, .tt, -tt, and 丁丁






  1. An emoticon representing a crying face.
    • 2001 March 23, VT...@webtv.net [username], “(OT)William Hanna Died T_T”, in alt.fan.power-rangers[1] (Usenet; in English):
      Just heard this piece of news.
      Wiiliam Hanna,90, passed away yesterday.
      He will be missed.
    • 2008 June 7, supe...@gmail.com [username], “T_T why isnt this doing what it should”, in comp.lang.lisp[2] (Usenet; in English):
      when i do something like

      (setf a '("hey"))
      (delete "hey" a :test #'string=)

      it wont ever delete it....T_T i cant possibly understand why not...plz help... i cant figure it out
    • 2009 October 7, gemdse [username], “Hi to all! i really need help here T_T”, in microsoft.public.windows.vista.file_management[3] (Usenet; in English):
      T_T sob.. sob.. need help please
  2. An emoticon representing an annoyed or judgmental face.