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  1. An emoticon representing a confused, shocked, or frightened face.
    • 2000 June 8, Perfect Chaos [username], “[CCS] I think I recognize a voice o_o”, in alt.fan.sailor-moon[1] (Usenet; in English):
      The male voice in the new Cardcaptors promo sounds kinda like the dude who did the voice of Laucorn in the FF Movie, Ryo in Ronin Warriors, andEd in Ed, Edd, and Eddy o_o
    • 2000 November 25, The one they call "ChocoboKick" [username], “Ack! Help me!! o_o”, in alt.games.final-fantasy.rpg[2] (Usenet; in English):
      Anyway, has anyone heard of this happening or had this happen to them before? Does anyone know how he's doing this stuff? Does anyone know how we can prevent it? Can anyone help?? I'm scared.... o_o
    • 2001 December 17, Steven, “Looking for a workprint, can anyone help? o_o”, in alt.horror.lounge[3] (Usenet; in English):