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110521sgl (talk)
Some info about me:

  • I currently live in South-Holland in the Netherlands and have lived there most of my life.
  • I'm Belgian-American and was raised bilingually in Dutch and English.
  • I'm studying mathematics in uni.
  • I took French, Latin, and Greek for six years in high school and continue to take Latin courses to this day.
  • I'm trying to learn Japanese.
  • I like making conlangs from time to time, and hope to deepen my understanding of linguistics in doing so.
  • I contribute to Typo Team/moss on Wikipedia and so can you!


Things I've taken note of on Wiktionary that need tending to.

General things that need tending to:

  • Entries about biological diets, like carnivore, animalivorous, insectivory, folivore, herbivorousness, should use the same format for their etymologies and should be consistent in the way they link to derived and related entries. At the moment, it isn't clear which of these words have their roots in classical Latin, which of them come from New Latin terms coined by scientists, and which ones are neologisms coined directly in English by analogy.
  • The set theoretical sense of set#Etymology_4 (page set, English listing, etymology 4, sense 8) needs a thesaurus page considering the set#See_also section (page set, English listing, etymology 4, section "See also").
  • Woods of various types of trees (e.g. spicewood, elmwood, hardwood, etc) should all be listed as both countable and uncountable.
  • loon#Dutch: Dutch etymology 3 is unsourced and dubious, and doesn't even follow the headword-description layout!

Pages that should be created:

  • "More bang for your buck" is a common way of using the entry bang for the buck.
  • "bezigen" is Dutch for "to make use of, to practice, to engage in, to be busy with".


I have to revise this section


my Dutch IPA consonants
bilabial labiodental alveolar postalveolar palatal velar uvular glottal
nasal m n ŋ (ɴ)
plosive p b t d k (ʔ)
affricate ʦ~ts ʧ
fricative f v s z ʃ (ʒ) h
approximant ʋ j
trill ʀ̥ ʀ
liquid ɹ̪~ɹ̪̊~ɚ l
my Dutch IPA vowels
front near front central near back back
close i(ː) y(ː) u
near close ɪ ʏ
close-mid e(j) o(w)
mid ə ɚ
open-mid ɛ ɔ
near open
open a(ː) ɑ

diphthongs: æi æy au øy iu yu ɪˑu ui ɔːi aːi iɚ yɚ uɚ ɪɚ ʏ˞ː~øɚ~øːɹ̪ ɔɚ ɛ̆ɚ ɔ̆ɚ aɚ ɑ̆ɚ iɔˡ uɔˡ ɪɔˡ ʏɔˡ~øɔˡ ɔːˡ ɛ̆ɔˡ ɔˑˡ aɔˡ ɑ̆ɔˡ examples (incomplete) and exceptions:

  • onraakbaar [ɔɴʀakbaɚ]
  • prestige [pɹ̪̊ɛstiʒə]~[pʀɛstiʒə] (French loan)
  • in principe [ɪn pʀɪŋkipe̞]
  • kruimelen [kɹ̪̊æym(ə)lə]~[kʀæym(ə)lə]
  • regressor [ɹ̪ejʀ̥ɹ̪̊ɛsɔɚ]~[ʀejʀ̥ɹ̪̊ɛsɔɚ]
  • trouw [tɹ̪̊au]
  • eeuw [ɪˑu]
  • nakt [nɑkt]
  • blinkt [blɪŋ(k)t]