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Requests for Deletion (RfD) is where Wiktionarians discuss and propose deletion of articles, definitions, templates, categories, and other pages. Requests will stay here until a sysop decides consensus has been reached, or comes to the conclusion that the page is a candidate for immedient deletion. Some acceptable outcomes include:
  • The item is kept,
  • The item is deleted,
  • or the item is transwikied to another Wikimedia project.

The current policy governing the use of this page is available at Wiktionary:Page deletion guidelines. The requests themselves belong on this page.


  • Sysops who delete pages that have been listed here should show and date this on the list when they do it. A simple **Deleted. ~~~~ is enough. The items affected are almost always properly deleted, but acknowledging that you have done this is good for building community confidence.
  • Check the alphabetical category for a list of all pages tagged with the template {{rfd}}; when the {{rfd}} template is removed from the page, the entry will automatically be withdrawn from that page. It should only be removed if the result of the deletion discussion was to keep the entry.
  • Sysops should check the Talk: page of the entry as discussion of why the entry should be kept or deleted may also be there. Both this page and the talk page should be checked before deletion.
  • There is a manually created and maintained list within this page, below. You can use the Make a new nomination link below to add your nomination to the list. When doing so, please include a brief explanation of your reason for nominating the page for deletion. Old entries are relisted by month. Please put any extensive discussion in the Talk: (discussion) page of the article.
  • If the title of a page is a valid term but the content is an incorrect entry, nonsense, or vandalism, then the page should be nominated for cleanup using the {{rfc}} template rather than being nominated for deletion.

See also: Wiktionary:Lists of words needing attention

Make a new nomination

Special Nominations for Deletion[edit]

Permanent deletion list[edit]

The following link(s) should always be red. Please delete the corresponding article(s) should it/they appear:

Chronic problems[edit]

Alert list[edit]

The following items were cleared and then protected:

This at one time persistently reappeared with spam. It was blanked and protected some time ago because of this. I've deleted it again, and keep it here for a while to watch if anything happens. Eclecticology 04:41, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC)