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Hello, thank you for the valuable contributions! Here is the standard welcome template for your reference:


Hello, and welcome to Wiktionary. Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are a few good links for newcomers:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wiktionarian! By the way, you can sign your name on Talk (discussion) and vote pages using four tildes, like this: ~~~~, which automatically produces your name and the current date. If you have any questions, see the help pages, add a question to one of the discussion rooms or ask me on my Talk page. Again, welcome! --Tohru 05:07, 28 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

External links[edit]

Hi again. Could you leave those external links on Chinese entries as they are? There should be nothing wrong with them. --Tohru 05:15, 28 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]


Some of the translations you are adding are incorrect or very odd choices. Wiktionary discourages the addition of translations for languages with which you are not personally familiar. --EncycloPetey 01:32, 30 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

One more thing: Please do not replace "Mandarin" with "Chinese". Chinese applies to many languages, and so the Wiktionary:About Chinese policy page advocates using a specific language name. --EncycloPetey 02:28, 30 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Copyright violation[edit]

Your definition for parole is copied verbatim from the Free This is a violation of their copyright. This behavior is neither allowed nor tolerated on Wiktionary nor anywhere else. Further violations will result in longer blocks. --EncycloPetey 01:41, 1 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]