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Table of Hiragana[edit]

Table of Hiragana
あ a か k さ s た t な n は h ま m や y ら r わ w
あ a あ a か ka さ sa た ta な na は ha ま ma や ya ら ra わ wa ん n (nn / ng / m)

い i い i き ki し shi ち chi に ni ひ hi み mi り ri ゐ wi
う u う u く ku す su つ tsu ぬ nu ふ fu (hu) む mu ゆ yu る ru
え e え e け ke せ se て te ね ne へ he め me れ re ゑ we
お o お o こ ko そ so と to の no ほ ho も mo よ yo ろ ro を wo


  • Template:ja-kanjitab
    • {{ja-kanjitab|外|来|語}}
  • ja-noun
    • {{ja-noun|(form)|count=|hira=|kata=|rom=|kanji=|kyu=|shin=|hidx=}}
  • ja-verb
    • {{ja-verb|(form)|tr=|type=|hira=|kata=|rom=|kanji=|kyu=|shin=|hidx=}}
      type= 1, 2, or 3 (godan, ichidan, irregular)
      tr= trans or intrans or both for transitive or intransitive verbs
  • ja-adj
    • {{ja-adj|(form)|decl=|hira=|kata=|rom=|kanji=|kyu=|shin=|hidx=}}
      decl= い or i, な or na for quasi-adjectives, do not use for others
  • ja-pos
    • {{ja-pos|(form)|(pos)|hira=|kata=|rom=|kanji=|kyu=|shin=|hidx=}}
      proper (for proper noun)
      suffix (e.g. auxiliaries)
      prefix (e.g. prenominals)
      counter (count words)

To do[edit]

Category:Japanese words needing attention

  • Updated Template:janoun to Template:ja-noun DONE
  • Add POS header to entires that indicates that the entry needs a POS header (has either Romaji or Hiragana as a header).
  • Add POS headings are missing or POS templates.
  • Add rs parameter to pages with Template:ja-kanji with no rs parameter for sorting.