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Thryothorus ludovicianus - my namesake
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I'm a careful dabbler in quite a few languages. At one time I'd have put myself in the fr-2 category, but it's been too long since I really used it. I mainly work on Catalan entries here as a way of helping me learn the language, but occasionally that also forces me to do work on the English entries as well. As for why català? Why not?

I've also been an administrator here since 4 April 2009 (4 d'abril 2009, 15 germinal CCXVII) doing various administrator type things.

Catalan dictionaries[edit]

Some links to comprehensive online Catalan dictionaries.

  • (GDLC) Gran Diccionari de llengua catalana
    Has etymology info and is the easiest one to use to find words of similar spellings.
  • (DCVB) Diccionari català-valencià-balear
    Has etymology, pronunciation, and dialectal info.
  • (DIEC2) Diccionari de llengua catalana Segona edició
    No etymology, but has the most comprehensive search functions. Only one of the three that will find entries if you enter a non-lemma form.

Potential entries[edit]

Occasionally I come up with potential Catalan entries that I just can't verify enough to warrant including. These are given here for future reference if I can come up with better references.

Catalan conjugation tables[edit]

I'm not happy with the existing tables, but I certainly am not about to work on them live.


Various English words I've worked on as a result of having caught my eye while patrolling recent changes or working on Catalan entries that I'm fond of.


Request for Beer[edit]

Since there is no {{rfbeer}} template, it can be problematic to open a new Beer Parlor discussion when the page is long and the connection is slow, here is helpful link.

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More Beer!