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Um, yes, you can help. Please do!
Clean a random entry still on the cleanup lists. counts

General cleanup entries[edit]

This method is meant to encourage others to assist in cleanup, while preventing stepping on one-another's toes. Click the above link to edit one of the ~6,000 (as of 10/13/2007) remaining linkless/uncounted entries. To date, ~6,700 have been checked or cleaned up using this method.

  • Feel free to skip it, if you click the link above, but see nothing wrong.
  • Many nonstandard headings are used for a couple entries then abandoned. Usually, there is a better heading in common use. Heading-folding is where these are brought in-line with accepted common/standard headings. Other times, a simple typo in the heading causes the entry to appear on this cleanup list. From /todo2.
  • Entries that have no numbered meaning line (i.e. that start with "#") in at least one Part-of-speech third level heading also appear on this cleanup list. Occasionally, this is caused by misplaced Pronunciation sections, or Alternative spellings sections, which must by moved above (as per ELE.) From /todo3.
  • Entries that contain no wikilinks at all, also appear on this cleanup list. Definitions should wikify key terms. No entry should be a dead-end. Also, entries without wikilinks are not counted towards the milestone count. From /todo4.
  • Entries with no level-two language heading also appear on this cleanup list. ==English== cannot be assumed, for a plethora of reasons. From /todo5.

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